Day 261 – Keys to Music

I see nice contrast between the black and white keys with distinct lines and angles formed by the spaces between the keys; to me, it’s an opportunity for a nice black and white photo. To a musician, these keys are the tools to open the door to an infinite number of melodies that make wonderful music. I love to listen to music, but I am not able to make the keys produce a sound that is pleasing to the ear. I am limited in my use of the keys; a photo in black and white.

Day 157 – Going Green With Curly Bulbs

Well, I’m not sure these curly CFC bulbs are a good idea. I want to do the right thing and help save the planet; especially if I can do it by investing in these curly light bulbs that take forever to warm up. If I’m going to go out on my back deck, I need to plan ahead of time and turn the light on 10 minutes before I go out, so it can build to it’s full brightness. I flip the switch and then say to myself, “wait for it, wait for it…” Maybe these light bulbs will teach me to be more patient. I can remember going to Detroit Edison, as a young boy, with my mom and a bag of burned out light bulbs. We would carefully save the old bulbs and then we would trade the old bulbs for new bulbs, and the price… FREE! Now, that was a great conservation program. No light bulbs going to the landfills, because we could trade old for new. Wow, recycling back in the sixties, who knew? Ohh, the good old days!

Day 103 – Antique Wagon

Vicki and I rode our bikes up to the Dead Creek Saloon for dinner tonight. They have great burgers; we will usually order carry out, but riding the bikes, we decided to dine in tonight. This old antique wagon sits outside the saloon. I love the way it looks with the weathered wood, and the wheels in need of repair. It’s a scene from the pioneer days. Can you imagine crossing the country in one of these? Because we were on bikes, I only had the iPhone to take this photograph. Once again, I am very impressed with the quality of the 8 megapixel camera this phone comes equipped with. I shot this in HDR mode and then added an antique finish to it using OnOne’s Perfect Frame. I think the finish fits the scene nicely.

Day 98 Mulch Day

Today was just about the best day you could ask for, as far as spring days go. The weather was terrific, high 60s and sunny. It was warm enough to work in shirt sleeves, yet not so warm to tire you out. Vicki convinced me it was a good day to spread mulch. I drove my F150 to the green house and filled it up with 2 yards of mulch. That was the easy part; the hard part was spreading the mulch, and I did work up a sweat doing that. I did take frequent breaks to watch the Tigers on tv, as they took on the Boston Red Sox. The Tigers won and it wasn’t even close, with Tiger players hitting 5 home runs. We can use a few more days like this one.

Tomorrow we celebrate Easter. Enjoy your Easter Sunday, God’s blessings to all.

Day 96 – Moscato

Today’s photo, Moscato wine bottle. We really enjoy this Moscato wine by Barefoot. We are by no means wine connoisseurs, but we do enjoy this wine. For this photo, I used 1 light source, a floor lamp. Then I processed in Photoshop CS6, I downloaded the trial last week. I used the embossing filter and added a gradient layer. I like the resulting picture. It has an Old World look to it, with the heavy lines and the grain of the table, looks a little like an old pub setting.

Day 95 Red Winged Blackbird

I saw this Red Winged Blackbird perched on the top of the Spruce tree. I approached slowly, hoping to get close enough to get a good shot. I released the shutter just as the bird started calling, and caught him with his beak open. You can see the way his body flexes as he puts his all into the call. I shot this with my 18 – 200mm lens and then cropped it close.

Day 94 Candle Light

This is another submission for the weekly photo assignment from the website, The assignment was “Menu”, I chose the following 3 themes; Green, Sense of Depth, and one light (artificial), the candle itself. The website has a lot of great information on digital photography. There are tips for beginners and advanced photographers. There are forums where you can find answers to any question you may have on photography. It is also a great site to view some terrific photos from other photographers. Be sure to check it out.